Simple Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs at Work

Business owners are always looking for more ways to save money, and cutting down on energy costs is one of the easiest ways to do that. The problem is many business owners assume it’s impossible to cut energy costs, and they mentally file it away as impossible without ever looking into how they can save. Energy costs mount quickly, so learning who you can cut costs and reduce expenses is a great way to increase the bottom line of your business.

Upgrade Your Bulbs

It’s true upgrading your bulbs to include ones with more energy efficiency that use less power is expensive. However, the average CFL or LED bulb lasts 2 to 3 times longer than the average bulb while saving the average business owner almost 75% of the energy their cheaper bulbs are using. That adds up to big savings and a lot fewer lightbulbs to purchase. You’ll spend more now, but you won’t spend more every few months replacing cheap bulbs that just don’t last.

Integrate Good Habits

What do you tell your kids at home? You tell them to turn off lights when they leave rooms, not leave everything plugged in, and to put things away when they aren’t using them. Do the same thing at work with your employees. It seems a little silly, but shutting off lights when someone leaves a room and unplugging things at night and on the weekends when you have far more people doing it can help save energy use.

Buy A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats aren’t nearly as cheap as the regular kind, but they amount to large savings. When you install a smart thermostat at work, you see significant savings. The way it works is simple. The thermostat spends a few weeks monitoring usage. It notes when you turn the air or heat up or down, when you turn it off, when you turn it on, and when you like it to be certain temperatures in the building. It knows your schedule, and it begins to program things for you.

You can do this yourself, of course, but what happens when you turn down the air to 74 on a weekday and forget to turn it off when you close for a week so everyone can go on vacation? If you forget, you can turn on your app and turn it off from anywhere in the world. What if you forget to turn the air off on the weekend and it runs when it doesn’t need to? Your smart thermostat knows you’re not there, know it’s usually off at this point, and it does this for you. It can save you tremendously.

Choose a Temperature

Smart thermostat or not, you need to choose one temperature that’s good for everyone. Turning the air or heat up and down all the time is bad for the system, and it’s not good for energy consumption. Pick one degree, and leave it there. Not only is this going to save you money when the utility bill arrives, it’s going to help prolong the life of your HVAC system since it’s not constantly fighting to keep up with your needs.

Your work energy is just as important as your home energy, which is why these energy-efficient tips are so important. You can save money and increase the bottom line, but you have to learn how to do it the right way from the start. Now’s the right time to learn how to save money at work just as you’ve learned to save money at home.

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