The Benefits of Investing in a Standby Generator

At certain times of the year, weather can get nasty and totally unpredictable. At other times, flooding and earthquakes can knock your power out for some time – possibly for days and weeks. When this happens, it can be much more than just an inconvenience for you and your family. Investing in a standby generator can make a real difference and enable your family to enjoy some sanity and normality until the power is restored.

The Losses That Could Occur

If the power is out for just a couple of days, it is more than an inconvenience; it is going to cost you. Here are some ways you could lose money or hurt loved ones:

  • Home medical equipment may stop working – think stair lifts, COPD machines, monitoring equipment, etc.
  • No heat – an emergency in the winter means your loved ones will be without this essential.
  • No air conditioning – houses can get very hot in the warmer months.
  • Sump pumps may stop working – possibly causing flooding in your basement.
  • No lights – people could get hurt walking around in the dark.
  • Possible loss of security systems – they have battery backups, but how long can they last?
  • Loss of food – it can’t last long unless it stays cold.
  • No way to cook food – without power, stoves and microwaves will not work.
  • No electronics – no TV, radio, or even computers – and possibly no phones.

Other losses will occur if you do not have a standby generator if your business is in your home. Except for minimal operations, it is quite likely that your business will totally be at a standstill.

A Standby Generator Is Power Waiting to Be Used

When you buy a standby generator, you do not need to be concerned about power failures. Your life will no longer be at the mercy of the grid or the weather. The emergency generator can be a smaller portable generator, or one that is larger and hooked into your current electrical system to go on automatically.

Automatic Generators Can Make Life Easier

Standby generators come in two forms – automatic or manual. An automatic generator is hooked into your home’s or business’s power system and will come on whenever the grid goes down. It will also shut off when the grid comes back on. A manual generator is typically a portable generator and you plug into it directly the items you need to power while the power is off. Some portable ones can handle larger needs, and some can only power a couple of things at a time.

An automatic standby generator has to be installed by professionals into your home’s wiring. When it is done correctly, it will kick in whenever the power goes out – even if no one is at home. This means food and temperatures are kept safe, and pets are, too. This can enable you to keep on living at home instead of having to go to a shelter or a hotel.

Automatic Standby Generators Come in Many Sizes

Standby generators have become considerably quieter than they once were, as well as a lot more convenient. Maintenance has been minimized and some even have in-house monitoring devices, some of which will tell you when it needs a change of oil, or some other service. The backup generators range from a power output of as low as 3 kilowatts and can go as high as 45 kilowatts. The smaller ones can power a couple of items such as your lights, an air conditioner and a refrigerator; but the larger ones can power an entire house.

Standby generators are available that will meet your needs and budget for power in an emergency. In some cases, financing may also be available to help you get ready so that you are not caught without power when needed.

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